Who we are and what we do

The Rowney Green Association, known as the RGA, was established in 1988 for the purpose of coordinating villagers’ responses to expansion of Redditch towards Rowney Green and the proposed Alvechurch by-pass.  It continues to look after the interests of the community, the built environment and its rural setting in accordance with its Constitution.

The RGA liaises with the Local and Highway Authorities, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Utilities and other organisations as necessary, to flag up issues potentially detrimental to the community and the environment, including strategic and local planning, road safety, refuse collection etc.

If it matters to the village it matters to the RGA !

Help Rowney Green remain the village that first attracted you

Membership of the RGA is open to all households in the Rowney Green area.   Subscriptions are £4 for one year or £10 for three years.

Membership gives the right to vote at the AGM and other meetings, to offer to sit on the Executive Committee.  In that way, members have a direct say in the day to day management of their neighbourhood.

RGA Committees

Meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis at the Village Hall.  All members are encouraged to attend.   In between meetings you can contact Committee Members direct as follows:

Andrew May (Chair) :  andrewmay72@btinternet.com

Andy Dunkers (Vice Chair) :  andy.dunkers@talktalk.net

Rick Chima  (Treasurer & Membership Secretary) :  rickchima@gmail.com

Sara Kitchen (Secretary) :   lskitchen@talktalk.net

Nigel Evans (Trustee) :  nre@nigelevans.co.uk

Maggie Moore (Trustee) :  maggie-moore@live.co.uk

Committee members are elected in May each year at the Annual General Meeting.  Contact the Secretary if you wish to stand or to nominate someone.

Welcome to new villagers

The RGA extends a warm welcome to new residents by delivering to their new home a Welcome Pack prepared by the RGA.  This contains a voucher for their first drink free of charge at The Goat and Trousers pop up Friday night pub at the village hall. And to help them settle in, it also contains information about services and amenities in Rowney Green and the local area .   Of course, the pack includes an invitation to join the RGA.   If you know of a new arrival that we’ve somehow missed do please let one of the RGA Committee members know.

Some achievements to date

  • Financial support for the defibrillator located at the village hall.
  • Village house map with signs at each end of the village advising on house map.
  • Financial and written article support for the Calling Oak village magazine.
  • Funding for the welcome pack for newcomers to the village.
  • Working with landowners to prevent hedges impeding visibility on the roads.
  • Encouraged Severn Trent Water to undertake engineering improvements to provide greater resilience to our water supply.
  • Worked with Superfast Worcestershire to obtain improved broadband speed throughout the village.
  • Helped with the provision of grit bins for use in the winter.
  • Helped Worcestershire Wildlife Trust with tree planting in Newbourne Wood.
  • Survey of condition of benches in village. One repaired and refurbished.
  • Survey of memorial trees in the village.
  • In May every year, a display of historical documents / photographs relevant to Rowney Green are available to view.

Connections and Partnerships

The RGA is pleased to work closely, or to engage, with the following local organisations: