This page will be used to highlight significant planning applications/activity that might affect the whole village.

Gravel Pit, Gravel Pit Lane
September 2022 update :
Following a lengthy debate on the merits of each application, the aims of each applicant in
respect to the management of the land etc. Cllr Worrall advised that three sealed bids had been
received, these being:
Bid 1 – £13,500
Bid 2 – £20,357
Bid 3 – £22,653
Prior to a vote being taken, Cllr Ravenhall called for Recorded Vote.
Councillors Name: Recorded Vote:
Cllr Bailes Bid 3
Cllr Edwards Bid 3
Cllr Hornsby Bid 2
Cllr Lewis Bid 3
Cllr Ravenhall Bid 2
Cllr Wallis Bid 2
Cllr Wiseman Bid 2
Cllr Worrall Bid 3
4 Votes for Bid 3 / 4 votes for Bid 2 – Chairman’s casting vote used in favour of Bid 3.
Resolved to sell the land for the sum of £22,653 to the party that submitted Bid 3 subject
to the conditions as set out in the Marketing Particulars (Appendix A) and in addition
the inclusion of a clause which mirrors the Applicants promise for the area to be retained
as is, increasing biodiversity and opening the Gravel Pit area approx. 3 x times per year
to the public in line with guidance received from The Wildlife Trust


October 2022 – Arosa application has been withdrawn (Perhaps the owners will revert to the previous approved application to convert the building called Arosa into apartments. However this has to be underway within the 3 year period from 10 Dec 2019.)

Full details can be seen by visiting and putting 22/00740/FUL in the search box.

The application is for the demolition of Arosa and associated buildings on The Holloway, and the erection of 4 x four bedroom houses.

This follows a previous approval to convert Arosa into 6 apartments (4x 2-bed + 2x 1-bed).

If you feel that the RGA should have a particular stance on this application, please email with your comments/views.